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Title: Capturing Water / When the Ordinary Transitions / The Lemon Series / Macro Illustrations / Inks and Threads
Type of work: Photography / cameraless photography
Date: 2009 – 2012

The essence of photography lies in its seemingly magical ability to catch shadows. Normally, this requires a camera, but not always. It can be done with light-sensitive paper by casting shadows and manipulating light or by chemically treating the surface. Cameraless photography is a seemingly contradictory term; a more apprehensible word would be shadow catchers.

Capturing Water

This photographic series of photograms is an investigation of the different ‘characters’ of water; from the first light drops of rain to the intense rain shower.

Capturing Water drops Capturing Water shower

Macro Illustrations

At close range, an object can seem so different from how we usually look upon it. Sometimes — close up — it is almost impossible to tell what it is. This series of enlarged photograms show the textural detail of something very familiar. Using a negative enlarger in a dark room as a macro lense, it is possible to show details that the naked eye would not be able to see.

Detail of lemon Overview of lemon details Overview of lemon details

The Lemon Series

This series consists of cyanotype prints conveying different things you can do with lemons such as slicing, cutting, and squeezing. First and foremost, it is a playful investigation. An exploration of how things leave a trace that photographic techniques can capture; traces that the naked eye would have seen in a completely different way. The unpredictability of the chemigram effect - the acid from the lemons that reacts with the cyanotype chemicals - is embraced as a fun element, making each of the prints unique and underlining the experimental approach.

Cutting a lemon Squeezing a lemon

When the Ordinary Transitions

Look closer.

When the Ordinary Transitions

Inks and Threads

Inspired by music as a surface of sounds always moving, this illustration is based on the creation of colours in water as the visual equivalent for strands of melodies creating visual rythms and dynamics. It captures one moment of that; seizing one second of the movement.

Inks and Loops