Various work for Louisiana Museum

Graphic design and brand identity

About the projects

Title: Travelling with Art / ARCTIC / Tysk Kunst / Jorn & Pollock / Louisiana Music
Type of work: Graphic design / various projects (brand identity)
Date: April - December 2013
Extent of the projects: Each from 1 week to 2 months, on-and-off

From April to December 2013, I worked for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as a graphic design intern and assisting graphic designer and graphic design intern. In particular, I worked with and on the museum’s core and ‘permanent’ visual identity; the design that always communicates the brand of Louisiana to the outside world (each exhibition carries its own visual language and style but is only seen once inside the museum).

The design

Worth mentioning is the campaign poster for the Jorn & Pollock exhibition, a visual concept for the Louisiana Magazine printed ads, a folder about a collaborative project with refugee children in Denmark, film titles for Louisiana Music, as well as various posters and postcards — and interior of the shop — for the ARCTIC exhibition. All of the designs have come into being as a collaboration with Louisiana's head designer Marie d'Origny Lübecker.

Whilst working at Louisiana, I have helped develop the already existing visual identity, and — through the use of design rules and systems — made it more consistent. These are just a few select projects.

Travelling with art

TRAVELLING WITH ART is a folder about a collaborative project with refugee children in Denmark; a partnership between Louisiana Learning (the art communication department) and Red Cross. It communicates how experiences show that working with art can help children in difficult life situations.

Jorn & Pollock poster

The marketing campaign poster for Jorn & Pollock.

ARCTIC shop wall

For the ARCTIC exhibition I designed the marketing poster, sales posters, post cards, and helped organise the shop wall; in collaboration with the shop and the marketing department.

ARCTIC invites

Invitations to the reception and private view of the ARCTIC exhibition. Printed using only two specialty ink colours.

Tysk Kunst ad in magazine

I created a visual concept for the Louisiana Magazine ads to improve consistency as well as make them stand out from the editorial content. This is just one example.

Louisiana Music

Louisiana Music, like its sister brand Louisiana Channel, is an online video website. I created the logo and the concept for redesigning the titles in the music videos as well as its visual identity for use on social media sites.

Exhibition poster outside Banners

Also redesigned the banner templates for improved graphic consistency.


And did a bit of wayfinding.

A glimpse of the process

Jorn & Pollock sketches

Sketches for the Jorn & Pollock poster.

Jorn & Pollock sketches

Various artworks were scaled, cropped, and text was added in different ways to portray the two artists’ juxtaposition. Focus was on attracting attention and creating visibility in the streets.

Magazine ad sketches

Sketches for the visual concept for the Louisiana Magazine ads.