Various work within MindLab

Workshop materials and graphic design for service design and policy design

About the projects

Type of work: Graphic design / service design
Date: January - August 2014
Extent of the projects: From 1 week to 2 months, on-and-off

For eight months — up until I quit to move to London — I was working for MindLab in Copenhagen; a cross-governmental innovation unit which involves citizens and businesses in creating new solutions for the Danish public sector, and society. My role at MindLab was as assistent designer, working part-time to help with design expertise and skills. At that point in time, we were only two designers at MindLab. I mostly worked on designing workshop materials as well as assisted with design in the analysis phase (communicating insights and initial ideas).

The design / process

During my time at MindLab, I designed a plethora of different workshop materials; from design games to evaluation tools. Over time I also became responsible for the visual communication externally, and adjusted the existing visual identity including workshop materials and presentations so they communicated better and clearer, but also so that design was a visible part of our communication. These are just glimpses of different projects that've been working on.

Herning service journey

As part of a larger public initiative, I designed a service journey and outlined a blueprint of the process and experience of going to jail in the city of Herning. In collaboration with the municipality and the Prison and Probation Service, this project centred on recurrence and relapse of former criminals.

Clustering methods

When MindLab's new website was being developed, I was in charge of restructuring, and visually communicating (through icons) the ‘Mindlab methods’.

The method icons

After clustering the methods and tools, it was time to illustrate them. These are the final icons; see them in action at MindLab's new website.

MindLab morning

I also took part in organising a ‘Mindlab morning’ (which is an early inspirational meeting primarily for our civil servant colleagues) on service design.

Service journey exercise

The 'MindLab morning' was focused on how to spread the use of service design within the public sector, and aimed at giving people new tools for use, such as how to use service journeys.

MindLab morning

From the 'MindLab morning' on service design.

MindLab reports

Reports are an essential element of the communication. I redesigned the template for the reports, and the picture shows the visual evolution (newest to the left).

Educational planning workshop

Design game from a workshop with teachers on educational planning in regards to the new reform for primary and secondary school.

Design game

The design game up close.

Internal strategy seminar

A 'MindLab classic': Picture cards. This is from an internal strategy seminar.

Internal strategy seminar Policy process visualisations

How can design help the policy process? Visualising statements or method hypothesis of the policy formulation to help civil servants to think differently and consciously about the process.


Evaluation tool from a workshop with the National Hospital of Denmark.